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Evaluation of Moisture Stress Effect at Different Growth Stage of Maize (Zea mays L.) Under Smallholder Farmer’s Condition at Jimma, South Western Ethiopia

The use of water management technologies improves water use efficiency since water is getting scarce which is driven particularly by increasing human population. A field experiment was conducted at Jimma zone, Dedo woreda, during the off-season for three consecutive years to evaluate moisture stress at different growth stage of maize. Over year analysis showed that the maximum mean yield of maize (9.87t/ha) was recorded from treatment irrigated at all growth stage. The minimum maize yield (7.91t/ha) was obtained from irrigating all sage except mid-season stage. However, irrigating all growth stage may results in minimum water use efficiency of 1.67Kg/m3. From the current study, depriving irrigation at mid-season stage result in reduction of maize yield by 19.9% with improvement of water use efficiency by 53.29%. whereas, irrigating all stage except initial stage improve water use efficiency by 6.59% with only 0.9% yield penalty. Moreover, irrigating all growth stage except initial stage resulted in the highest marginal rate of return 51895.6% by improving water use efficiency. From this study, even though stress is imposed at initial stage of maize development, the effect is low because the plants are already well developed, and they can modify themselves to cope with stress compared to the case when stress is imposed at development and mid-season stages at study area.

Moisture Stress, Growth Stage, Water Use Efficiency, Maize

Addisu Asefa, Minda Taddese, Etefa Tilahun, Robel Admasu, Zelalem Tamiru. (2023). Evaluation of Moisture Stress Effect at Different Growth Stage of Maize (Zea mays L.) Under Smallholder Farmer’s Condition at Jimma, South Western Ethiopia. American Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, 7(3), 56-60.

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